Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Trust Enocan

Trenton 365 blog by Neisha Kelly of Coy Magazine

Trust Enocan Second Day of Summer #sdos2019

Recently Jacque Howard interviewed founder of Enocan Fitness Nacone Martin and Co-Founder of Trust by Tony & Keisha, Tony Jackson.

Nacone and Tony announced their next big community project, the Second Day of Summer 2019.  #SDOS2019 took place on Saturday June 22, 2019 at the Trenton Housing Authority from 12-5p

The purpose of this event was to highlight locally owned businesses, promote community and provide a safe place for family fun. 

The event was supported by the City of Trenton, Trenton Housing Authority, Capital Area YMCA, St. Francis Medical Center, NJ Community Capital, WIMG 1300, Girl Talk, Pivot Treatment and Wellness Centers, Betty's Pop Up Shop and dozens of vendors.


Live music was headlined by Trenton native Grace Little

Have a look at our interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i76qQ6pMmY
Have a listen to our interview https://soundcloud.com/trenton365/trust-enocan-second-day-of

Images captured by Amans Brindled

Lifebridge Technology & Enrichment Centers

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Lifebridge Technology & Enrichment Centers

Recently Co-Executive Directors Leon Crawford Jr. and Jamell Creque were guests on the Trenton 365 Show.

Lifebridge is a nonprofit that serves the greater community of Trenton NJ.  It was created by Jamel and Leon with the guidance of their Pastor do to the public libraries in Trenton closing. 

Jamel was always taught that one man's trash is another man's treasure, so they took computers that people were discarding repaired them.

With degrees in engineering and Computer Science Jamell and Leon use their education as foundations for the programming at Lifebridge. 

Lifebridge offers computer training courses at the Trenton free public Library.  For more information contact Lifebridge Technology & Enrichment Centers on the website http://www.lifebridgetec.org/

Have listen to our interview https://soundcloud.com/trenton365/lifebridge-technology-and

Have a look at the video from our interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i76qQ6pMmY

Monday, April 15, 2019

Trenton Thunder Home Opener 2019

Overcast skies and rain were in the forecast but that wouldn't stop the joy of baseball in NJ's Capital City, Trenton.

Trenton has a long history with baseball and from the efforts of the Trenton Thunder we can expect it to continue for many more years.

With several upgrades over the years, Arm & Hammer Park is a wonderful venue for the whole family to take in our national pastime.  Some of those upgrades include more seating and things to keep the younger crowd entertained besides the on field action.

Various food options are available including hot dogs, chicken fingers, fries and the traditional concession stand options.  In addition specialty foods by Chickies & Petes and Trenton's own 1911 Smokehouse BBQ and others offer plenty of food choices for everyone including a NJ favorite Pork Roll and a vegan hot dog.

If you are of age and have an interest in Craft Beer you have more than enough options to choose from.

On the field new manager Patrick Osborn will lead a tightly knitted group of players some of which have spent many seasons together.  Osborn stressed that the focus will always be on development and that the team will play the game the right way.

The Thunder will have local Mercer County NJ talent on display via Outfielder Ben Ruta (West Windsor) and Infielder Brandon Wagner (Princeton)

Have a listen to my chat with General Manager Jeff Hurley prior to the start of the season

Images courtesy of 78 Ways Studio Photographer Will Foskey

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Trenton 365 Show Poet/Spokenword Artist Todd Evans

Written by Vont Leak

On the December 4th broadcast of the Trenton 365 Show, Jacque Howard interviewed poet and musician, Todd Evans. Todd discussed a number of events and gigs that he’s hosted. Todd and Jacque also talked about Todd’s life, his upbringing, his musical abilities and talents and how he’s portrayed them in life. I liked this interview because as a musician it interested me to hear about a lot of open mic gigs that are available in and around my city. As a performer, I became more aware of possible opportunities I can take up to show off my talents. After the show, I briefly talked to Todd about my musical background and he told me to send him some of my work and to look more into some of his upcoming events.

Trenton 365 Show Fine Artist Princess Jenkins

Written by Evelyn Quijivix
November 15, 2018

Evelyn Quijivix
November 15, 2018

Princess Jenkins was a guest on the #Trenton365Show and talked about art and teaching children about art as a passion.

When I first saw her she seemed to know a lot about her passion. She was very passionate about her artwork, creating buildings, sketches etc. She knew her exact points and was not afraid to speak about her true intentions. The way she spoke about her art showed that she cared about wanting to teach to children and accomplish her goal of helping people. While on the live show she expressed that encouraging people was very essential to getting children to seek their true intentions and passions. She also shared that painting was very therapeutic to her. She was very true to herself because she wanted to share her past experiences with us while we had the little meeting. She knew that even though people aka her professors criticized her artwork it did not stop her from achieving her true dreams.   

She talked about how society has a lot of stigma about art and how it is not a real job where you can’t get money. But she wanted to show people there was another way and that it should be the way you express yourself without being judged. She wants to put out to society that you can accomplish your dreams. She expressed that painting is a form of helping with mental illness and depression.
She shared that while achieving our goals having a support system is a huge help. She lastly expressed that her goal moving forward was for schools to have more art programs or after school clubs.
Something she said that A final thought I had The one thing that left me thinking about was she said was to be the best and be who you want to be because it’s your passion and if you don’t listen to the criticism you achieve more than what you thought was impossible.