Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Passage Theatre Solo Flights presents Bicycle Face

Written and performed by Hannah Van Sciver

On Sunday February 17th 2019 I attended the performance of Bicycle Face at Passage Theatre.

Trenton Cycling Revolution aka TCR coordinated a group rate and several members of the advocacy group rode bikes to the one person performance.

The full house was delighted by the efforts of Hannah Van Sciver who portrayed 3 characters each representing one of the following years; 1896, 2016 and 2136.

I was unfamiliar with the term "bicycle face" prior to the performance and appreciate the delivery of information from Hannah.  With fine timing and consistent energy Hannah addressed bits of history regarding women and biking. 

The ~50 minute performance finished with a Q and A session.

Trenton has a thriving biking culture with several residents using bicycles as a form of transportation.  In addition many people making up the diverse population of Trenton utilize biking for recreational, fitness and networking opportunities. 




Several efforts are happening to promote biking in Trenton such as tours, bike lanes, parking areas and maintenance sites however we have a ways to go educating the masses about safety and infrastructure upgrades.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Yardley Beer Company - Two Roads Brewery Review


My first visit for a beer sampling. The brewery I was expecting had to reschedule, no worries Two Roads Brewery was on site. During the sampling I tried the Lil Heaven - Session IPA (nothing watered down here) the Two Juicy New England Style IPA (not "milk shaky" at all) and the Plum and Clementine Gose. I am not usually into "sours" but these were fine. I preferred the Plum which had a unique tartness. In 2018 PA began allowing 6 pack and sales of singles. PA laws are specific to the type of beverages so do a little research before shopping. Prices are comparable to other package goods outlets. All the usual offerings plus a good selection of crafts. Located in a strip center on a well travelled road in the Borough of Morrisville. Lots of surface parking.
Response from the owner 6 days ago
Thank you for the super review! Our team at YBC works toward being up on the latest Of Brews News for our customers. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Link to my chat with Sean Huber of Two Roads Brewery

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Trenton 365 Show Jacque Howard interviewed by Vennie Stansbury

Written by Vont Leak

Out of all the radio personalities in the world, two of my favorite to listen to are Jacque Howard and Vennie Stansbury. On December 4th, Vennie interviewed Jacque on Today’s Topic and I literally couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole segment. These two are the Beevus and Butthead of WIMG radio. For as long as I’ve known them both, I always agreed that they need their own show. I think they could make a funny comedy show where they bounce banter off of one another, take fan advice and questions and have a bunch of hilarious segments. During the interview, Vennie and Jacque went back and forth for a bit making comedic jabs at one another, everything out of love. Then, Vennie started talking about Jacque’s upbringing to the station and how he and his show Trenton 365 earned their spots on WIMG. Jacque also touched on his involvement in his weekly skatepark jam and other civic engagement activities. Jacque is a firm believer in REACH and before the end of the show they discussed the role Jacque plays in all the titles that REACH stands for. No matter what they’re talking about I could listen to Jacque and Vennie all day. They’re my favorite duo and I really look forward to coming to the station every week to see these two and what they have going on.