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Hey #Trenton let's be the first #USA #CapitalCity to ban #racism and to launch a citywide marketing plan "to be the #model for what a #PostIndustrial#City looks like!"

I'll be hosting several events with a focus on building a better community for everyone.

This will include small group tours, conversations, information sharing and most importantly #relationshipbuilding

To get things started one of the topics will be all things #Cannabis. Have a listen to some recents conversations around the subject.…/panel-discussion-at-weeding

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Levitt Amp Trenton Summer Concert Series weeks 2&3 2017

The 2nd of 10 events took place and the 2017 Levitt Amp Trenton Summer Concert Series had its first issue with weather.

Rain forced the concert indoors to the Trenton War Memorial specifically The George Washington Ballroom.  Although smaller than the Patriots Theater the George Washington Ballroom has flexibility with no fixed seats.  

Local Hip Hop Duo Agudos Clef opened the event to a energetic audience.  The Trenton based duo with backing band and DJ showed why they are on the list of bands to see by multiple publications.

Agudos Clef can be seen throughout the region performing at various festivals and venues.

Hailing from Mexico City Mexico, headliner Sotomayor who is self described as a "Latin American electronic music project of the siblings Raul and Paulina Sotomayor.  It is a dance music project that rescues Andean rhythms, cumbia and afro beat and fused them with avant-garde beats."

The local non-profit I Am Trenton was featured.

Week 3 also brought issues with the weather and once again the series was moved inside to the George Washington Ballroom.

Ewing Twp. NJ based Ja-Tun and Random Acts of Soul opened the event to the large crowd eager to see the performance.

Ja-Tun had this to say about being a part of this series.
"Thursdays event with the Levitt Amp Concert series was the best homecoming I could have asked for. As a local artist who has had the privilege of performing around the tri-state area and a few other parts of the world, it was amazing to have the opportunity to open for a Grammy winning artist in front of a hometown audience, many of whom have known me since childhood and watched me grow in this craft. The outpouring of love has been overwhelming. We're looking forward to our upcoming shows at Delta's in New Brunswick NJ and Relish in Philadelphia PA."

Have a listen to my exclusive chat with Ja-Tun

The Grammy award winning Artist Ja-Tun mentioned was headliner Jeff Bradshaw.  This North Philadelphia born Artist is a soul-jazz and hip-hop/funk innovator and trombone virtuoso.

Jeff Bradshaw has shared the stage with Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Patti Labelle, Erykah Badu, and many others. Throughout his performance he engaged the standing room audience with his musical influences and experiences including a minor fall he took damaging his knee.

Needing a cane to make his way to and from the stage did not stop Bradshaw and his band from delighting the audience and finishing with an encore.

Jamie Parker a representative of TASK - Trenton Area Soup Kitchen was the highlighted non-profit.

TDA-Trenton Downtown Association Executive Director Tom Gilmour provided this.
"Last week's show featuring Ja-Tun & Random Acts of Soul and headliner Jeff Bradshaw was one of our best.  So many Trentonians fought off the thunderstorms and extreme heat to support the Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series.  They were rewarded with an amazing evening of extraordinary music.  Jeff Bradshaw invited two local woman to join him on stage and they rocked the house.  It was truly a coming together of the Trenton community." 

Have a look at some images capture during week 2 and 3 of the series.

Jersey City NJ 5th Annual Freedom and Fireworks Festival

It has been several years since I walked around Jersey City NJ.  When my brother lived in the Dixon Mills Complex we would visit the city on a regular basis, enjoying food, taking in the sites, visiting the tourist attractions etc.  Returning and seeing the amount of development clearly shows the commitment to improving the city.

My trip to the 5th Annual Jersey City NJ Freedom and Fireworks Festival began with a departure from the well maintained Trenton Transit Center via NJ Transit.  The train ride, transfer and shuttle were timed perfectly.  Traveling with Filmmaker Will Foskey provided plenty of time for us to discuss current events, topics like media, photography and entertainment as well as what efforts we have in the works.

After arriving our short walk provided me some time to take in the architecture and "in the process" development.  I was very pleased with the communal feel of the city/event with plenty to do for the whole family.  In particular I was pleased to see the "Bike Valet" concept.

The stage area was surrounded by several high rise buildings creating an amphitheater feel.  While checking out the area we were entertained by Jumpin 4 Jerry "Double Dutch" team.  I chatted with Jasmine who is the House Host at a nearby hotel.

After securing our press credentials we headed over to the pier taking in the sights, observing the well designed public space with plenty of seating and wonderful views of NYC, the Hudson River and Jersey City.

We took in lunch from Carlito's Food Truck then it was off to see the music.

Take My Tour Of Trenton

Trenton NJ is my hometown, where I was born and where I currently reside.  As the Capital City of New Jersey I can comfortably say we have our challenges like any other "post industrial city" but we are full of many positives a few of which I will share in this post.

Plenty of people in multiple sectors have eyes fixed on Trenton NJ, this includes the speculators, investors, business owners, 1st time homeowners, current residents and business owners alike.  Because of this our Elected Officials have some challenging times ahead, more on that later.

Today I gave a tour to an investor looking at Trenton as a potential "niche market" for a fast growing segment.  My apologies for the vagueness however our current marketplace dictates that we should be cogneceinent of IP - Intellectual Property.

Our tour began with a walk in the "Downtown Area" where I highlighted several potential development sites including some that are vacant and abandoned as well as the thriving areas where people can be seen throughout the day and night.  I focused quite a bit on the Tourist/Historical Sites with hyper focus on my personal connections the "Arts and Non-Profits."

We continued the tour via automobile visiting each of the 4 Wards chatting about the demographics, what is happening in the neighborhoods and what I know about the "Master / Comprehensive Plan" which was well received.

Throughout the tour it came up as to why Trenton is in the current state that it is.  I am asked this question often and my reply is the same.
  1. We do not know who or how many people are here
  2. We have a disenfranchised population of Blacks/African Americans
  3. We have a rapidly growing population of Latino Hispanics from various Countries and the communications between them is not great
  4. We have a growing population of people from the Caribbean, Asia, Eastern Europe and the African Continent who are not encouraged to be civically engaged
  5. We have a growing negative opinion about ourselves 
  6. Our largest print media outlets are more focused on the negative than the positive
  7. We lack a Benefactor
  8. The perception of safety 
  9. The tax rate
  10. The educational system
Now a few of the positives.
  1. Our historical significance in the founding of our nation
  2. Our location between NYC and Philadelphia
  3. We are located on a major body of water
  4. Our diverse population
  5. Our County and State are considered very wealthy
  6. We are a bikeable and walkable city
  7. We have a strong housing stock
  8. We have easy access to mass regional, national and international transportation outlets
A few images from a November 2017 Tour

A few images from a September 2018 Tour