Sunday, February 11, 2018

Trenton Elections an Editorial Commentary February 11, 2018

Recently in a conversation someone made this statement.  “WOW what a time in which we live!” When I heard that I paused for a moment and thought, indeed I agree.

We are in unprecedented times on the national/global level when no one has any idea what each day will bring regarding President Trump and members of his administration.  I believe most people are uncertain, confused, disappointed, upset, frustrated and or scared regarding the actions at the federal level and this includes all parties involved.

We have been trained to look at elected officials with a certain amount of respect with the President having the top position.  I believe this training is now being challenged and all parties involved have no answers to the current state of affairs other than pointing to the “other people” as the problem.  These counter efforts have resulted in creating a state of ignorance among the population leading people to move into the silo’s of their own lives.  My faith as a Christian teaches that hell is separation from God.  Therefore I consider this mentality and action as putting oneself into into a hellish place.  Maybe that’s why I seek the company of other humans.  More on that at another time.

When I consider the hellish place people are putting themselves into regarding the forthcoming 2018 Trenton Elections for Mayor and Council I want to scream the loudest for them to not retreat to the silo, to not think their opinions and concerns don’t matter.  In fact they do and in the next few months the power of those opinions and concerns will be at the highest level.

I apologize if you have heard this in the past but it is so telling and revealing.  In New Jersey’s Capital City, Trenton we have a population of ~80k with ~40k eligible to vote.  In the 2014 Elections only ~10k exercised that privilege!  When we consider the current state of life in Trenton I would think this is an area that needs to be addressed.  Remember the efforts of the Civil Rights movement and what those men and women endured for the privileges we have today.  Can you comfortably think being in a “silo” is what they would have wanted and or appreciate for what they sacrificed?

As of February 11th 2018 we have over 25 people who have picked up petitions from the Trenton Clerk’s Office and publically announced they are seeking an elected position either for Mayor or Council.  I am fortunate that I know and have spent time with most of people on the list.  To the ones I have not had the pleasure of meeting I look forward to our time together.  The aforementioned people have been cordial and fair to me in person, quite helpful and informative when needed.  I expect this is how they treat everyone.  

Being a “good person” is not the only criteria one should expect of an Elected Official or a Candidate for office.  I encourage you to consider the tasks at hand and consider what position the individuals are running on, their platform.

The Candidates platform should answer many of your personal concerns, if not ask them!  Maybe they do not have an answer and if so you need to know this.  Everyone will know the “buzz words” or talking points to appease the masses.  Some of those “buzz words” or talking points will be;
Better schools, better safety, bringing in new business, quality of life issues, lowering taxes, abandoned buildings, gentrification etc.  All of these are great and I think if you ask members of this and the previous administrations they would all agree of the importance of these subjects, if so what happened?  Why are we in this current situation?  That is a question you could ask of the incumbents.  

I am conducting recorded 1 on 1 chats with all of the announced Candidates who accept my invitation.  Through a partnership with Filmmaker Will Foskey these conversations will be distributed through the Bridge The Vote Facebook Page as well as Trenton 365 and other networks.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Civic Engagement thoughts and the Trenton Elections 2018

I am passionate about meeting people, developing relationships and building a better community through civic engagement.  

Have a look at some of my efforts and get in touch about your thoughts, I prefer to meet over a meal or beverages.

Citizens Campaign
Trenton Cycling Revolution
Capital City Skatepark

Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce
MLK Day of Service Social Cleanup
Kiwanis Club of Trenton
Mercer Space

Library Boxes



Democracy is an often a forgotten word so I encourage you to have a look at how Merriam - Webster’s describes it.

One of the essentials for democracy to work is engagement by the masses.  Sorry to be repetitive, but in Trenton the Capital City of New Jersey we have a population of ~80k people with ~40k eligible to vote, unfortunately ~10K exercised this right in the 2014 Elections.
I encourage you to verify your eliglbility to vote.  “Purging of the Voter Rolls” is a tactic often used in politics.  After verification, exercise that right to vote and for a bit more encouragement consider this from the website How Stuff Works.

“Initially, only white men wealthy enough to own land could vote, then all white men, then African-American men. It wasn't until 1920 that women gained the right to vote, and because of post-Reconstruction Jim Crow laws, blacks were effectively barred from voting until the 1960s. Jayaprakash argues that it wasn't until the mid-1990s, when the National Voter Registration Act came into effect, that most Americans enjoyed wide access to exercise their right to vote”

Currently over 25 Candidates have taken the steps to qualify and campaign for office in Trenton’s Elections.  I appalude each of them for taking action in an effort to lead Trenton.  I also expect that their motives are to seek the best for Trenton and all of the inhabitants.

In addition I would like for all of the Candidates to consider the magnitude of what they are embarking on.  In this cultural age Elected Officials are celebrities and should be comfortable with this fact.

Remember Trenton is the Capital of the most densely populated state in the country and the most culturally diverse not to mention one of the wealthiest.  

If elected your responsibilities will be much broader and deeper than most people including myself can imagine.  This position is more than events and photo opportunities.  You will be leading and representing tens of thousands of people in a global marketplace therefore expectations are for you to be “on point” at all times.  This includes when Independent Journalists are seeking your thoughts.
If you are not ready, unsure or apprehensive please do yourself, your loved ones all of the people in Trenton NJ and beyond a favor and reconsider.  The power of the position and all of the “glamourous facade” is nothing compared to the attention you will receive if you lack the ability needed in the position.

Remember you can serve the community in various ways, “Everybody can’t be on top.” Pop Life - Prince