Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Good Samaritan

I am always considering my faith. I was born into the Christian faith and as a young adult decided to search for more.

During this period of searching, my faith was strengthened as I went through the peaks and valleys that shaped me.

As a Father and Husband I am positive I do not have all of the answers however I have personal experiences that I share with my teenager daughter.

Recently we were talking about the importance of actions in addition to words.

As we were leaving church this past Sunday which was Palm Sunday, I pointed to a motorcycle that was riding past. My wife and daughter know how much I miss riding motorcycles and were just as excited to see the “bike” I am contemplating purchasing.  Just then the bike made a sudden stop and down went the bike and rider.

I immediately went to the aid of the rider, helping him up and moving his new bike to the side of the road. My daughter saw me in action and came to assist. She sprinted to church to gathered some bottles of water as I calmed and comforted the rider. During our chat I learned that he is a new rider, his bike is only a few months old and his injury did not need medical attention do to him being proactive with full riding gear including a full face helmet, gloves, long pants and boots.

After a few minutes and multiple questions about his state of mind I gave him my contact info and made him commit to follow up about his situation. He did follow up via email and thanked us for our efforts.

A few days later while reading a daily devotional I see the following.

The parable about the good Samaritan always touched me. Why did the Priest and the Levite avoid helping this person who was in need? Why did the Samaritan not only assist but provide extra help even using his “social capital” to make sure this man was taken care of?

In the morning before reading this devotional I was led to ask God to show me something spiritual today.  Hey God I saw it!

Friends be encouraged and think about the spirit of the 3 people in this parable and consider which one your actions are feeding.