Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Champs 931 Chambers St.

October 2015

Trenton 365 hosted a block party on Sunday October 11, 2015 of the Columbus Day weekend.

This event took place at Championship Bar located at 931 Chambers St. in Trenton NJ.

“Champs” is my favorite local watering hole for a multitude of reasons.  Only a short walk from home, they have wide variety of draft beers with a focus on local breweries, very reasonable prices and most importantly they are committed to building a better community.  Some people may suggest that a bar and liquor store can bring no good to a community.  In some cases that may be true, however regarding my experiences with Champs this is not the case. 

A few images of Lori Johansson, during her weekly event "Art Chill Out Night."

In my opinion, Champs is a true representation of Trenton.  On any give day at any given time you can see Trentonians of all walks of life enjoying themselves and others.  This may include watching one of the televisions, playing video games, creating art, playing pool, reading a book or just talking with each other.  You can also get some work done here as well.  When I’m on site with my laptop typing away, no one bothers me, period!

The crew that visits and lives close by, is a truly diverse group representing various ethnic backgrounds, social economic statuses, sexual preferences, languages etc.  This is evident by the selections on the “jukebox.”  From Rap, Hip Hop, Progressive Rock, Metal, Reggae, Punk, Reggaeton, Spanish selections, Thrash, Hardcore, Country, Classic Rock, Funk, and more! Champs is also a thriving location to see original music from local, regional and national touring acts.  These shows could take place on any given night.  Several of the offerings are “All Ages Shows” so parents can hang with adults while the “youngsters” listen to their tunes.    

The facility doesn’t have a functioning kitchen at the moment, however Champs is an economic generator for the restaurants, bodegas/grocery stores and markets in the area.  On a windowsill a basket of the food offerings that make the cut are openly displayed.  If you need a recommendation or suggestion any of the friendly staff members will gladly help you out.

Hank Ransome is the owner and can be seen most days at Champs taking care of business and taking in the atmosphere.  Hank is a long time Bar/Restaurant Owner with experience in Philadelphia on South Street. 

Nikki Nailbomb and Drew Glen manage Champs and always have several friends around who are willing to help and are equally passionate about Trenton.  Nikki and Drew have also taken their passion for building a better community by partnering with Trenton 365 for the “Adopt a Library Box” and “Adopt a Trash Receptacle” programs, neighborhood cleanups and several events like the Trenton 365 Public Launch and the block parties.  They are Artists, Cyclists, Musicians and simply put the type of people that every post-industrial city needs to welcome into the community.

The Trenton 365 Presents “Recognize Indigenous Peoples Block Party” was the 3rd event of this kind to be held at Champs. 

BIG UP to Griffin Sullivan w/Freya Wilcox, who booked the Performances by

Idiot Boy (Trenton)
My chat with Caleb Walker of Idiot Boy

Freya Wilcox and the Howl (Brooklyn)
My chat with Freya Wilcox

The Band Droidz (Harlem)
Have a listen to our chat

Logan Carpenter (Morrisville)
My chat with Logan Carpenter

Husky Bundles (PA)

Babelfishh (Texas)

Backyard Superheroes (NJ)
Have a listen to our chat

Vertigogo (Princeton) now known as VHS
My chat with VHS

The Pandemics (NY)
My chat with the Pandemics

Dreadpool Parker (Trenton)

Along with live painting by LANK

and Lori Johansson



Trenton Coffehouse and Roaster
My interview with Abdul

Naturally Fit and Well
Stephanie Brandberry-Crosby

Don Bush Photography

A Bit Fusion

Have a look at some of the images captured by Fake Famous Photography

Have a look at some of the images captured by Jacque Howard

Monday, October 26, 2015

PEI Kids 10th Annual Wine & Food Tasting Event

 October 2015

PEI Kids is a non-profit organization based in Lawrenceville NJ with a focus on Children.

The Mission Statement reads:
 PEI Kids is dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe environment for all children. PEI Kids works with the child, family, and caregiver to provide prevention, intervention, and advocacy programs relating to personal safety, sexual abuse, and the overall well-being of the child.

The organization operates in several categories:
  • Prevention Education
  • Intervention Services
  • Support Services
  • Workshops & Support Groups

This organization focuses on the Mercer County Region however they make it a point to be known that they will not turn away a child!

I was unfamiliar with the organization before my friend Jesse Elliot took a position with the organization as the Developmental & Public Relations Coordinator.

I met Jesse several years ago through a friend who is an entrepreneur in the Trenton NJ region.  He suggested that I meet this young man whom he thought was very special.  After meeting and spending time with Jesse I knew he was the type of young person every city going through a “renaissance” needs; civically engaged, believes in community, educated at a higher level, appreciator of arts & culture, action driven, family focused etc.  So when Jesse contacted me and said he was looking for a gig at a local non-profit and would I be a reference I said for sure! 

My relationship with the organization continues to grow as I volunteer on the committees that organize two annual fundraising events, a springtime “Dinner & Auction” and in the fall season a “Wine & Food Tasting.”

In closing my relationship with PEI kids is growing because of my relationship with Jesse that developed because of a suggestion from a respected friend.  I hope this encourages you to share your thoughts with others, to support the efforts of someone and to get involved in the process of making the community better.

Have a listen to my interview with Roz Dashiell the Executive Director and Jack Donnelly who volunteers on the committees with me.

A few Trenton 365 “On Location” Images from the 2014 Wine & Food Tasting Event

A few images of the 2015 Wine & Food Tasting Committee prepping for the event.

Here are several images from the 2015 10th Annual Wine & Food Tasting Event at Landmark Aviation located at the Trenton Mercer Airport and links to my chats with some of the Vendors.

Gene Maddalena of Maddalenas Cheescakes

Diana Schneider of Direct Approach Aviation

Kevin Walsh of Gallo Wines

Debbie and Mike Raab of Tea For All