Thursday, May 14, 2015

Male Fashion & Civic Engagement at Bachrach Menswear Quakerbridge Mall

April 2015
Bachrach Menswear

On Saturday March 28, 2015 from 12-4pm, Trenton 365 coordinated a male fashion event in partnership with the Men’s fashion retailer, Bachrach at the Lawrence NJ store located in the Quakerbridge Mall.

“The company business concept is; Service Fashion Quality Value”

Store General Manager Rickie Cannon who has been a member of the Bachrach “family” for decades knows quite a bit about fashion retailing and of course Bachrach.  Have a listen to our chat during the event.

Jesse Franko of "Jessi Franko Designs" was one of the three photographic content providers, visit her website and her our chat.

Jason Arnold of “Lighter Side of Trenton” also handled the photographic documentation listen to our chat.

Ray Brown a Fashion Designer with his own “House” also shared his passion for photography by providing content as well.  Visit his website and listen to our “In Studio” Interview from 2014.

Participants included

Jake Foy of Pork Roll Productions LLC

Karey Maurice Counts Artist of Red Balloon Studio

James Freeman Educator and member of REJS Entertainment

Dan Bauer of Dan Bauer Public Relations

Thank you to all of the participants, Rickie Cannon and the Bachrach staff for welcoming and partnering with Trenton 365.