Monday, December 14, 2015

NJ Comic Expo 2015

As a young boy growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I found cartoons and superheroes fascinating, Batman is my favorite.

The natural transition is to comic books of which I am a fan as well.  I don’t know what happen to my collection but these 2 were rescued from my stash of items in Mom’s attic. 

Being a proud parent I want to share all of my childhood experiences with my 12 year old.  BTW she is also a fan of Batman and comics. 

This led to us attending the 2015 New Jersey Comic Expo in Edison NJ.  This was the first event by this promoter in New Jersey. 

The venue was a little difficult to find and located in middle of nowhere, however parking was easy and plentiful.  The amenities of the facility were fine, the attendees and vendors were very friendly and very interested in sharing with the Trenton 365 audience.

Have a listen my chats with some of the Artists.

Mark Adona

John Bellotti

Fabrice Sapolsky

Jason of Lethal Ware

Well done to the NJ Comic Expo team, see you next year!

Monday, November 30, 2015


REJS Jazz is a growing name on the Jazz scene in Central NJ.  The team is made up of Rich Jackson, Eric Thomas and James Freeman.

A few years ago I was introduced to James Freeman through Eric.  I had known Rich from my softball playing days in Ewing Twp. 

One afternoon while talking Trenton 365 items at Exit 7A with Owner and Sound Engineer Scott Miller, a call came in about a gig at The Big Easy. 

Scott Tixier a fast rising Jazz Violinist would be performing in Trenton, I don’t recall how I became involved in the conversation but I spoke to Eric and made the connection that this was “Eric” the Drumming Instructor for the Trenton Children’s Chorus.

The Scott Tixier performance began my relationship with REJS Entertainment and has allowed me to share my talents with the team as the Emcee for the monthly performances and with marketing ideas.

REJS Entertainment has recently presented Artists; Tony Tixier, John Benitez, Dave Stryker, Monte Croft as well as Sonya Robinson, Shamie Royston, Rudy Royston, Gregg August, Donald Edwards, Steven Feifke, Gordon James, Thomas Galliano and several other artists.

Link to a recent newspaper article

Going forward REJS Entertainment will continue to present world-class Jazz Musicians to the Central NJ Region, stay connected to our efforts via;



Trenton 365 links regarding REJS Entertainment

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sharon, PA

Sharon, PA

I have always been a people person and accept that I am at my best when meeting new people and having new experiences that align with my passions.  I’m a 7 on the Enneagram.

Through the encouragement of a friend “MLP” I visited Sharon, PA for an Art Event and opportunity to connect with MLP’s place of birth.

On this trip to Mercer County, PA I encountered several similarities to my hometown located in Mercer County, NJ including, a close proximity to other major cities like, Cleveland, OH., Columbus, OH., and Pittsburgh, PA., located near a large body of water, a diverse population and a growing if not thriving "Arts Community."

My solo trip included began with an ~5 hour drive which I haven’t done in decades.  The drive through scenic PA included a few stops for fuel etc.

My Host
Sam Perry, Veteren, Artist and Ambassador

I spent a few nights with Sam Perry, Army Veteran, Community Ambassador and Artist.  Meeting Sam in person was soul warming.  After greeting each other with a brotherly hug, he warmly said, “I thought you were taller.”  A comment I’ve heard throughout my life and this solidified our connection!

The weekend was a busy one, traveling throughout the region meeting people, seeing landmarks etc.  I spent most of the time between Farrell, Sharon and Hermitage, similar to traveling between Trenton, Ewing, Lawrence, Hamilton and Bordentown, NJ.

Have a look at some images.

I was introduced to friends of MLP and Sam Perry, all of which who were very warm, cordial and excited to hear I was in town for a visit and to experience WaterFire Sharon.
One person I didn’t get a chance to meet was Karen Winner.  Scheduling didn’t permit the connection, however I’ve heard so much about her from various people and look forward to chatting with her in person.

Random Acts of Artist was another connection made on this visit.  I met Key Leaders Linda Brink and Terry Polonsky at the unveiling of an interactive public exhibit in Bicentennial Park, that will eventually be a part of a larger public art space.


I have to mention Quaker Steak & Lube, a restaurant, bar and meeting place that was founded in Sharon, PA.  I had the pleasure to visit the original location in Downtown Sharon, have a few pints and of course some wings.

Earlier on my trip I was introduced to George “Jigs” Warren and chatted over adult beverages in his newest establishment “The Keg.”  Jigs and wife Paula are clearly at home in the restaurant business as evident by his loyal fans and supporters.  Big Up to his lovely Daughter Margo as well!

It is with sadness that I think about my brief but warm meeting with Gary “Mo” Meszaros who “moved on” from this plain shortly after my visit.  He and Jigs were the original partners for the now 50 + deep casual dining franchise built on the concept of a “cook-your-own-steak” establishment.  Today chicken wings and the variety of sauces and seasonings used to flavor them lead the way.

I also want “shout out” to Carmela Perry, the Mother of Sam and Mary Linda.  This 90+ year old is sharp and warmed me to tears during our time together chatting about life in New York City, raising children, Sam and Mary Linda growing up and of course Sharon, PA.  She especially touched me when she thanked me for taking care of her Daughter while she lives in New Jersey.

In closing my time in the Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell and Transfer areas of western Pennsylvania was very enjoyable and a place I am looking forward to returning to.

Odin Smith of The Emerald Tablet

Gallery 29 owned by Donna Bostardi and Tony Kropp

Random Acts of Artists Linda R. Brink

Random Acts of Artists Terry Polonsky

Dennis of DJ’s Greenhouse located in Transfer PA

Sara McCauley of Redeemed and Beader’s Utopia