Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review of the Thomas Galliano Quartet at Tavern on the Lake

Review of the Thomas Galliano Quartet at Tavern on the Lake, August 15, 2014
Ritu Mukherjee for Trenton 365 

In the 1950s and 1960s, American jazz musicians fled to France to escape racism.  Fifty years later the French go back to the source.  In 2011 Jazz Percussionist and Composer, Thomas Galliano, a native of Nice, France, relocated to New York City in order to refine his musical skills by immersing himself in America’s historic jazz roots.  During a recent interview with Jacque Howard of Trenton 365, Galliano stated that he had made it a point to encourage his fellow European Jazz musicians to follow suit. 

This past week, at an intimate concert presented by REJS Entertainment at Tavern on the Lake, in Hightstown, New Jersey, the talented young artist’s joy and humility from being whole-heartedly embraced by local jazz lovers and the larger community was evident.   Accompanied by saxophonist Myron Walden, bassist Gregg August, and pianist David Bryant, the Thomas Galliano Quartet electrified the cozy room and excited the diverse and multi-generational crowd of concertgoers.  The Quartet seamlessly moved together while highlighting the unique talents of each member.  Galliano’s powerful drum solos elegantly juxtaposed with Walden’s intricate and fiery sax solos. The international set of musicians and concertgoers attested to the fact that the world has indeed grown smaller and more personal; and on this evening specially through musicianship and the exchange of ideas.

A younger guard of talented jazz percussionists was also given the well-deserved opportunity to showcase their talents.  The REJS Ent Youth Spotlight included, Tobias Richardson (14), David Korey (16), Deven Patram (14), and Tobias Prall (13).  Sighting their parents and music teachers as their biggest musical influences, these talented young men enthusiastically filled the room with their raw and fresh percussionist stylings.

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