Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DESHAIR Thoughts

The NFL Under Heavy Fire
By Will Foskey

The reality all NFL fans are facing right now is, “The NFL is NOT about the Players.” It is a BUSINESS. We are entertained by the NFL Business. Roger Goodell became a Commissioner with the sole intent of running a Business, not watching Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’.
The NFL is providing job opportunities to the most talented athletes across the country to play a Professional Sport; to run a BUSINESS. Once sponsors pulled out of the Minnesota Vikings, it was clear that Adrian Peterson had to be dismissed on paid-leave. They’d rather pay him 690,000 a week to sit on his couch than lose more money by allowing him to come back to ‘work’.
The NFL is under scrutiny because of its employees and how they handle them. I knew when Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely, the rules changed. Where do you go as a disciplinarian after that? Now, the new trend on its way, players will be placed on exempt (banned with pay) while under investigation. They can now test players for HGH. Some of your favorite players are about to be sitting at home very soon without pay because of that.

Players will come and go. But if you believe the NFL will stick their necks out for one of these players again, don’t hold you breath. The playing while under investigation is over. The slap on the wrist suspensions to protect a players livelihood are over. Are you ready for some Football though?!?


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