Sunday, December 1, 2013

Biking in Trenton

Biking in Trenton 12/2013

For me growing up in Ewing a township of Trenton provided me with lots of open space for exploration.  The mode of transportation/freedom was my bike.  My first “ride” was actually a 3-wheeled purple model that I used like a scooter.  I still remember ripping between the houses of my childhood home, my great Aunt Maude and my Grandparents residences on Ewingville Road.

The first 2- wheeled model was from a Sears catalog shining bright with a chrome frame dressed with burgundy and red graphics, I am sure Darren Begg, Rich Scannella, Mark Calisti, and Glen Guida remember those days.  As I grew in exploration, technique and size I found one of my first loves…. BMX.  BMX provided us with a chance to compete, explore and grow and to an extent our right of passage.  I can still remember the days at our track in the Nettletree development as well as ripping through the trails in Hollowbrook.   Just ask Walt Williams, Vince Hall, Roman Jackson and Mike Rochester.

Several decades later I find things coming full circle as they often do.  I enjoy biking and find anytime on my wheels a joy.  Several in the area are doing amazing things with 2 or more wheels.

Trenton Cycling Revolution
This biking advocacy group with a 15 plus year history continues to be at the forefront.

Trentontonian, Will “Wheels” Kinsley is flanking the system with another way to showcase 2-wheeled transit.  Fabrication artist Kinsley is the pinnacle of the TALL bike movement in the Trenton/Exit7A Region of NJ.  Kinsley also a member of the SAGE Coalition ( leads regular rides throughout Trenton focusing on the positives such as its rich history art including architecture, nature and more.  Recently on the Trenton365 Show Kinsley shared that he expects biking to progress because of org. like Trenton Cycling Revolution and the work he is doing partnering with others like Drew Glen, Nikki Nalbone, Jeff Seward and the crew at Championship Sportsbar and his employer the Boys and Girls Club with a bike exchange in the Capital Plaza Shopping Center in Ewing.   

One of the projects is the Holiday Bike Shop that recently opened downtown.  Visit the links for some recent articles about Wills “Wheels” Kinsley and biking in Trenton.